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Diplomat cake

Diplomat cake

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Beat 1 kg of whipped cream with the mixer with 150 gr sugar and 2 whipped cream hardeners then let it cool.

Separate the egg whites from the yolks (I only use the egg whites but I also use the yolks if you want).

Chicken soaked gelatin in pineapple juice. After the gelatin has softened, beat the egg whites on the steam bath together with the homogenizing milk, adding the softened gelatin + 3 sachets of vanilla sugar.

Be careful after adding the gelatin not to keep it on the steam longer because the latter is destroyed.

After it has cooled, put it in the fridge.

Meanwhile, clean the fruits and cut them as small as possible and soak the raisins in a little warm water and rum.

Now check if the composition with the egg whites has hardened enough and incorporate it in the whipped cream.

You will need a 4.5 or 5 kg pan lined with cling film.

One by one, the biscuits soaked in coffee, arrange them on the edge and add the earlier composition in which you added the fruits and raisins and the chopped pineapple, and after you finish, put another row of biscuits on top of the composition.

Put it in the fridge until the 2nd day

take a plate as wide as the edge of the pan and place it on top of it. Easily and skillfully turn the content upside down. voila` .....

You need 500 gr whipped cream with the 2 sachets of vanilla sugar and the whipping cream and 50 gr sugar and mix a hard foam. Let it cool for a while and decorate the cake with it and decorate it with chocolate and colored coconut flakes.

The cake is high and stable on the plate, you get to serve everyone.

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