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Yellow risotto with fresh sausages and peas

Yellow risotto with fresh sausages and peas

1. Heat a frying pan with olive oil. We cut the sausages into small pieces and fry them. We add a little salt. Peel an onion and finely chop it. We add it after the sausages are slightly fried. When the onion has softened a little, add a glass of wine. When the wine has evaporated, add the rice, add water and let it boil.

2. In a bowl put a little water and dissolve the saffron. 10 minutes before the rice is ready, add the peas. 2 minutes before add the dissolved saffron.

3. When the rice has boiled, turn off the heat, add the butter and Parmesan cheese and mix. We match the salt.

Serve hot with grated Parmesan cheese.

Good appetite!!!!

Spaghetti with yellows

Even though I recently returned from Greece, I still cook Italian! Some Greek recipes will come soon, because I really liked the country, and from a culinary point of view it was a wonderful experience! But let's get back to ... our spaghetti. And more precisely to the yellows in them what can I say, the yolks are some wonderful mushrooms, and I'm sorry that they are only found in such a limited time! This recipe is one of the favorites of som & # 8230 and it doesn't go for spaghetti! That says a lot!


  • 300 g spaghetti
  • 5 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil
  • two cloves of finely chopped garlic
  • a finely chopped red hot pepper (optional)
  • 400 g fresh yolks, cleaned and chopped not very finely
  • 4 tablespoons semi-dry or dry white wine
  • 300 ml clear vegetable soup (or chicken if it's more convenient)
  • 2 tablespoons chopped parsley
  • salt and pepper
  • a little freshly grated Parmesan cheese for garnish

Put the pot with water and salt to a boil, and when it boils, throw the spaghetti in boiling water and boil it according to the instructions on the package, al dente. When the pasta is cooked, drain the water, keeping a cup in case it is needed to thin the sauce.

While the water boils and then the pasta, prepare the sauce. Heat the olive oil, add the garlic and pepper and cook quickly over low heat. Be careful not to burn the garlic. After 1-2 minutes, increase the flame a little and add the mushrooms. Leave on the fire for 2-3 minutes, stirring constantly. Pour the wine, let it drop, stirring occasionally. After the wine has evaporated almost completely, add the soup and leave it on the fire for 5-7 minutes, until the liquid drops slightly. Turn off the heat, sprinkle the parsley in the sauce and season with salt and pepper.

Put the pasta over the sauce and mix well. If necessary, add more water from boiling. Serve the sticks with grated Parmesan cheese. Good appetite!

Homemade sausages and sausages

As I don't have much confidence in the market to buy much from the range of sausages and as I have the technical means to reproduce some of them, I set to work. I made sausages (I hope) and homemade sausages, which I smoked later. Because one of the beneficiaries is also the little one (don't throw stones, I know it's not good, but it's one of the few things he eats with pleasure, so I don't abuse and I prefer to know what I give him), I have them made a little more dietary - except for the smoking part.

For the sausage recipe, I started with the beef recipe from the & # 3960s, only I made it with chicken breast. The sausages were made to great inspiration.

Ingredients for sausages: mutton, 1.2 kg boneless chicken breast, 400 gr pork tenderloin (in the recipe it was with bacon, yes & # 39 I didn't have it), 1 tablespoon of paprika, 1 tablespoon of thyme, 2 cloves of garlic, 1-2 tablespoons of salt (mine is very salty, I put 1 tablespoon, check to taste) and a teaspoon of nutmeg. You still need 20 crushed ice cubes and 500 ml of cold water for kneading.

1. Give the chicken meat through the robot (checked for skin, bones and cartilage), together with the spices

2. Grind well, add ice flakes and incorporate them, grinding again

3. Remove the meat from the food processor, grind and fry the pasta

4. During this time, the mother discerned the mats she had washed in the water with vinegar and rubbed them with salt.

5. I mixed well the two pastas, chicken and beef, incorporating water so that the resulting paste is a soft one.

6. Because it was hard to work with pasta like that, I put it in the freezer until I made the sausages - about 1 hour

7. I passed the paste through the shredder with & # 39tulumba & # 39 -as my mother calls it- very narrow:

8. I let them go until the next day, when my father put them in the smoking room:

9. I washed them in warm water, and steamed them - the technique of making sausages says something about 70 degree steam cells, as I don't have, I put a big pot to boil with a sieve on top in which I put on and covered a lid. After 20 minutes they looked like this:

10. I don't have a picture of them smoked and boiled, but the consistency is very close to the commercial one, but the taste is incomparable. Plus I have the certainty that I made them with good meat. The first night I boiled the dwarf and he ate with gusto:

I put them in bags in the freezer where I will serve them whenever I feel like it. And that's how I finished telling the story of the sausages.

New Year's Eve 2008: fiddlers and DJs instead of folk music

& raquo In Bucharest restaurants, this year's New Year's Eve night has a maximum price of 860 lei (Athenee Palace Hilton) and a minimum of 50 euros (Tushin restaurant).


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& raquo In Bucharest restaurants, this year's New Year's Eve has a maximum rate of 860 lei (Athenee Palace Hilton) and a minimum of 50 euros (Tushin restaurant).

& raquo The menu is very diverse, from traditional holiday cuisine to luxury food (caviar, lobster salad, truffle-flavored soup).

& raquo The programs include Taraful from Clejani, Loredana, Marius Mihalache or at the less pretentious restaurants only DJs, but also raffles (a big prize is a car).

As in previous years, Romanian restaurants have significantly lower prices than exotic or internationalized ones (even if the cheapest New Year's Eve is organized by a Mongolian restaurant, Tushin). The drink is either free or on the menu and includes coffee, mineral water, sour juices, wine, champagne, whiskey, gin, campers (less cocktails, though). As the price is a decisive factor in the decision to choose a place or another for New Year's Eve, they were evaluated according to this criterion & ndash thus, they were considered affordable between 170 and 350 lei per person, expensive between 350 and 500, very expensive 500- 860.

Affordable restaurants: between 170 and 350 RON
Menu: First part: bruschettas with salmon, bruschettas with caviar, bruschettas with manicure caviar, stuffed egg, melted ham, Italian salamis, mushrooms stuffed with gorgonzola and beef, pancakes filled with meat. Part two: liver with acetobalsamic. Part three: over the filapia in white wine sauce. Part four: misgrill, tiramisu with ice cream.
Program: DJ
Price: 88 euro / person

Menu: 9pm & ndash welcome cocktail & ndash South American sangria 21.30 South American entrees (appetizer) & ndash stuffed cause, guacamole, potatoes & aggravate huancaina, cheese croquette, anchovy spread, grilled shrimp, cheese, tortilla 22.00 & ndash rice with seafood, shrimp and spicy pepper sauce 22.30 & ndash grilled turkey breast accompanied by Mexican vegetables 23.50 & ndash champagne
00.30 & ndash baked trout, 02.00 & ndash grilled beef and pork with chimichurry sauce and peasant potatoes 03.00 & ndash chocolate cake.
Program: winter tree, raffle, DJ, Latin music, dance and other musical genres, perinitis.
Price: 250 RON / person

The Pope
Menu: Type I: drum, lebar, cheese, olives, tomatoes stuffed with eggplant, bell peppers with cheese paste, chicken roll, Sibiu salami, fillet muscles, beef salad, meatballs, red caviar. Type II: grilled salmon and natural potatoes. Type III: sarmale, polenta, fresh sausages. Type IV & ndash breaded muscles, chicken legs on a tray with peasant potatoes, pickle salad. Dessert: cake, fruit, champagne, house wine.
Program: DJ
Price: 250 RON / person.

Menu: Assorted snack, homemade drum, lebar, caltabos, beef salad, tomato stuffed with eggplant salad, cow's milk, sarmalute with polenta and peppers. Main course: grilled pork leg, baked chicken leg, french fries, pickled salad, Decadence of Chocolate cake
Price: 195.00 RON / pers.
Program: artistic, music and dance.

Menu: Appetizer: chicken roll with walnuts, pork roll with mushrooms, turkey in aspic, raw roll, cheese and ham roll, tart with caviar, goose liver tart, smoked salmon tart, caviar tart, tomato stuffed with eggplant, peppers with cheese paste with hot peppers, ham, Sibiu salami, carrots, olives. Fish: salmon in wine sauce. Chicken sarmalute in beef leaves with sour cream, polenta and hot peppers. Turkey stuffed with walnuts and mushrooms. Pork chop stuffed with peach. Potato wedges. Cake. Fruits.
Price: 100 euro / person.

The Scene
Menu: Snack: sliced ​​marinated mackerel, mayonnaise salad, stuffed pike, salmon and olives with almonds, turkey roll with vegetables, Milanese rice garnish. Baked veal in red wine with a garnish of potato balls with tomatoes and asparagus. Pork steak with cider and apples with mashed vegetables, carrots and broccoli. Dessert: fresh fruit, cake, pandispan with fruit. Bar
Program: Tamango, DJ, a band of fiddlers, a band that will play covers.
Price: 200 RON / person.

Menu: Festive snack, carp batter, dobos, chicken liver terrine with peppers,
turkey meatballs, ham roll with vegetables, Sibiu salami, olives, eggplant on tomato ronda, cheese paste, three flavors on a cucumber bed, millet salami fillets with natural potatoes, turkey roll on kale, mussels breaded pork and beef roll with baked potatoes, assorted pickle fans, festive cake.
Program: dance and party music, DJ, orchestra, raffle with prizes.
Price: 90 euro / person.

Menu: Shanghai chicken, spring packages (with ravase), sesame meatballs, cabbage salad with tomatoes and lemon, Tushin pork, rice with vegetables, beef in Mongolian sauce, rice with mushrooms, bread with spicy sauce, natural potatoes, fruit salad, cake, hazelnuts. The drink includes Ging-Seng vodka.
Price: 50 euro / person.

Don Taco
Menu: Mexican cocktail, with exotic scent and color, for ladies and double whiskey and a red bull for gentlemen. Nacios & Salsa, avocado with fresh tiger shrimp soaked in tequila with green coriander scent, crispy flutes with cedar cheese, turkey breast on iceberg lettuce seasoned with extra virgin olive oil and drops of Mexican acetobalsamic. Salmon Cabuson Luca with Mexican sauce and white wine.
Cactus fruit, lemon ice cream, green mint leaves mixed with elderberry and tequila. Acapulco duck leg with coconut and red cabbage garnish, tempered in champagne, with cinnamon taste. San Jose veal tenderloin with Queen potatoes and a fine sauce.
Refreshing dessert with hot chocolate and other ingredients according to a homemade recipe.
Program: Light games and special effects prepared by the house DJ, fireworks show on the restaurant terrace.
Price: 280 RON / person.

Menu: Buffet: pheasant-piece, Waldorff turkey, imperial smoked salmon stuffed with asparagus and mint sauce, roasbif with tarragon sauce, seafood with Calipso sauce, goose-pate pate, assorted cheeses with walnut kernels and raisins , mixed sausage platter, traditional mixed platter (lebar, caltabos, drum, ghiudem, babic, mice), chicken roll with vegetables, pork meatballs, turkey meatballs, endive salad, beef salad, salad of vegetables, salad Greek, tuna salad with lemon, Bulgarian salad, beetroot salad, lettuce with egg, cheese and olives. Mixed-grilled fish: salmon and salami with caper and lemon sauce, with potato and carrot garnish, pork and turkey Rotti, with peasant potatoes, Bonne Famme peas and winter sauce. Fruit skewers, fruit salad, assorted mini cakes, cake and surprise cake.
Price: 300 RON / person
Program: DJs

Casa Banil
Menu: Cold snack: pork medallion, drum, Sibiu salami, ham roll with raw salad, mice, tomato with cheese paste, ham (prosciuto crudo), meatballs, bacon, raw, choice of creams goose), salami menuire, sauce menuire, mashed potatoes, lemon, sarmale in beef and cabbage leaves, polenta, hot peppers, turkey roll and skewers pork and vegetables au gratin, pickle salad, coup jack, fruit salad, ice cream, fruits.
Price: 240 lei / person

Caf & eacute Boheme
Menu: Shrimp cocktail, pheasant galantine, pork tenderloin with plum, feta cheese terrine, vegetable terrine, ham roll with celery salad, kiwi with shrimp, smoked salmon roll with asparagus, Celestine consommé, imperial salmon, butter tagliatele , turkey roll, baked potatoes, assorted cheeses, chocolate cake, pistachios, hazelnuts, almonds, fruits.
Program: DJ
Price: 100 euros / person

At my mom
Menu: smoked bacon, trout, fresh olives and vegetables, rubbed cheeses with onion and garlic and trout with sour cream and dill, jumari, lebar, beef salad, eggplant salad with tomatoes, meatballs, Romanian trout well breaded with milk and corn with sour cream sauce with horseradish and natural potatoes, sarmalute with grilled polenta: popcorn, pork and chicken steaks, mititei and marrow with Transylvanian potatoes and dessert pickles: berry cake and ice cream of all kinds.
Drink without consumption limit.
Program: DJ, fiddlers, fireworks show
Price: 340 RON / person

Four Seasons
Menu: 70 dishes
Program: oriental dances
Price: 90 euro / person

Tripoli Restaurant
Lebanese evening
Menu: cold snacks: hommous, baba ghanuj, simple babhne, sarmalute in beef leaves, shanklish, tabouleh, fatoush hot snacks: sambusec with meat, sambusec with cheese, fried kebe, rasasfour beef, chicken liver, croquettes from Tripoli , fish with mexican vegetables, rice with chicken vegetables almonds raisins snuber and pistachio Dessert: Beirut night, fruit platter
Free drinks. A champagne is offered for each meal.
Price: 350 RON / person

Casa Di Angelo
Menu: seafood cocktail with remoulade sauce, smoked salmon roll lined with gorgonzola, turkey meatballs, chicken roll, marinated herring on lemon, goose liver pate in aspic, turkey pastrami, Mediterranean trout with assorted sautéed vegetables, baked turkey, breaded pork muscles, baked cabbage, french fries, assorted pickles, assorted cheeses, fruits, festive cake, champagne
Artistic program: professional DJ and fireworks
Price: 220 RON / person

Taste Grill & Pasta
Menu: Carp batog, dobos, Terinade chicken liver with peppers, turkey meatballs, ham roll with vegetables, Sibiu salami, olives, eggplant on tomato ronda, cheese paste with 3 flavors on a bed of cucumbers, fillets of salting Meuniere with natural potatoes. The glass of champagne will be served at 24.00, and then: turkey roll on sauerkraut, breaded pork muscles and beef roll with baked potatoes, assorted pickle fans, festive cake, horseradish soup.
Program: DJ & ndash dance and party music. Special guests will be the bands 4Ever and Cream.
Price: 100 euros / person.
Expensive restaurants:
between 350 and 500 RON

Menu: Lobster and shrimp cream, appetizer, octopus and vegetable salad, marinated fish tripe, sliced ​​coriander porcini and buffalo, crazy water sole with vegetables, beef and turkey fillet, blueberry and truffle sauce, rake potatoes , cup of ricotta, white chocolate and berry sauce, extra dry prosecco, valdobbiadene doc & ndash villa sandi & ndash veneto, white wine millenium terra romana (Romania), red wine serralunga nero d & rsquoavola (Sicily).
Price: 130 euro / person (429 RON / person)

Burebista (Batistei)
Menu: Batog appetizer, goose liver terrine, turkey breast meatballs, Rochefort cheese muffins, duck breast pastrami, dried venison fillets, duck liver bedding, pike caviar, fresh sheep's cheese, quail with Parmesan chicken, sea bream in salt with a vegetable bouquet, stuffed quail, turkey breast roll, pork tenderloin, peasant potatoes, lettuce, berry cake, horseradish soup.
Price: 150 euro / person
Program: Maria Buza, Gina Matache, restaurant tapas, fireworks, champagne, surprises, DJ.

Caru & rsquo cu Bere & ampMuzeul Berii
The menu, the program and the price of the two restaurants will be identical.
Menu: 9 pm & ndash smoked duck breast spreads, smoked cheese spreads, bell peppers with fetta cheese cream, turkey ham roll stuffed with carrot salad, celery, apple and mayonnaise, smoked trout and smoked salmon, ham Parma with melon, selection of fresh vegetables. 22.00 & ndash foie gras served with berry dressing. 23.00 & ndash fish in the oven served with lime dressing and garnish of sauteed vegetables. 1.00 am & ndash baked beef muscles served with mushroom dressing with rosemary potatoes. 3.00 & ndash selection of homemade mini cakes and cake. The drink includes Rhein sparkling wine.
Program: In the restaurant Caru & rsquo with Beer the theme will be Viennese New Year.
In the Beer Museum restaurant, the theme will be Latino New Year's Eve & ampDance. At 21.00 & ndash the conas and conites will be greeted with Rhein sparkling wine. Now 21.00-23.15 Orchestra & quotWiener Walzer & quot. Now 23.15 & ndash 23.59: DJ Vali Disco & Dance. 00.00 & ndash fireworks and sparkling wine served in the street. Now 23.55-00.15 & ndash miniconcert & quotWiener Walzer & quot in the street. 00.00- 05.00: DJ Vali Latino Start. 01.15-01.35: traditional carols & ndash Altita Group.
Price: Between 1 and 10 people & ndash 125 EUR / person. Between 10 and 20 people & ndash 115 euro / person. More than 20 people & ndash 105 euro / person.

Tratoria del Tatoli
Menu: Appetizers: mozzarella bread, chicken liver with endive and balsamic vinegar. Prosciutto melon, squid rings with remulade sauce, grilled vegetables with garlic. Meatballs, fresh sausages and bacon with brandy. Grilled salmon garnished with wild potatoes. Sarmalute in cabbage leaves and sarmalute in beef leaves. Grilled chicken breast with champagne sauce and golden grapes, Braciola di maiale (Italian style grilled pork chop) served with baked potatoes with rosemary and seasonal salad. Chocolate and vanilla cake, coffee cake, berry cake.
Program: Vali Craciunescu with his instrumental band and & quoteselie, parody, madness and training & quot, music, contests, raffle and prizes.
Price: 400 RON / person

Restaurant China
Menu: raw cocktail with shrimp and Calipso sauce cold snack & quotDinner & quot (smoked salmon, poultry roll, carpacio, dobos, ham roll with la rousse salad, tomato stuffed with eggplant salad, cucumber canapés with cheese paste, meatballs of turkey, spreads with caviar and Manchurian caviar, olives) salmon Contesse with vegetable bouquet consumes Imperial with chicken parmesan turkey roll with sauerkraut game pork muscle and veal muscle medallion with potatoes straw endive salad with mustard sauce , chocolate ice cream cake, cheese selection, fruit and hazelnut planter.
Artistic program offered by the orchestra led by maestro Nelu Ploiesteanu, dances and carolers of Romanian traditions.
Price: 160 euro / person

Menu: Buffet: appetizers: assorted sausage platter (Salam Napoli, Milan, Sibiu, Copa Ham and Chorizo), assorted cheese platter (Gorgonzola, Brie, Feta, mutton), Rol mops (marinated herring platter), Arancini with goat cheese and red pepper, Tempura shrimp served with cocktail sauce, Caprese salad, selection of Romanian seasonal specialties (drum, caltabosi, smoked sausages, smoked cheese) salads: Tuna nicoise, seasonal assortment, Caesar, oriental belly soup (at 5.00) Main course: pork medallion with prunes and red wine sauce, mini-Surf & ampTurf (combination of grilled Brazilian beef and Jumbo shrimp), turkey fillets in crust served with Meuniere sauce, sarmalute with sour cream and polenta, grilled chicken breast with nuts and grapes served with Madeira sauce, baked milk pork garnishes: rustic potatoes, glazed vegetables, rice pilaf with vegetables and raisins dessert: apples baked in red wine, rice pudding with milk and cinnamon, citrus panacotta with c aramel sauce, tiramisu Savoiardi, Black forrest cake, cake with nuts and cocoa.
Free drinks. sampanie & ndash House champagne Laurent Perrier.
Price: 408 RON / person

The Bastille
Option I: mini cakes with smoked duck breast, shrimp in cataif with artichoke salad, asparagus and avocado, tomato dressing turned with salmon with avocado tian, lime, Jasmine rice with wild mushrooms and dressing of fresh coriander cake with chocolate foam , bitter cherries and pistachios, accompanied by a glass of champagne at midnight.
Option II: spreads with smoked salmon and Camembert cream goat cheese terrine with marinated peppers and eggplant, salad of fresh herbs and smoked duck breast baked duck breast with vegetable ratatouille and mixture of organic herbs and tangerine jelly with foie gras cake with chocolate mousse, bitter cherries and pistachios, accompanied by a glass of midnight champagne.
Option III: mini puff pastry with pork and fresh greens foie gras terrine with pear chutney and fennel salad with berries beef au gratin with pesto, stuffed with Roquefort, vegetable noisette and crispy potatoes with rosemary cake with chocolate foam, bitter cherries and pistachios, accompanied by a glass of midnight champagne.
Drink / variant: two appetizers to choose from, a bottle of wine, soft drinks, coffee, a glass of Kir Royal champagne.
Price: 460 RON / person / variant

Menu: traditional appetizer & ndash Sibiu salami, ham and vegetable salad roll, tomato with cheese paste, turkey meatballs, cheeses, venison pastrami, chicken roll, assorted vegetables and olives special appetizer (euro aperitif): capers, smoked salmon with lemon and capers, anchovy spreads, raw prosciutto with parmesan, almonds with almonds, cucumber sofas with liver paste, bell peppers with feta and walnuts, hummus salad over seafood platter with wine and lemon sauce (shells, shrimps , octopus) wild rice / salmon butter-lemon sauerkraut in cabbage with beef antricot polenta with red wine sauce and sage baked potatoes cake, mini cakes and fruits. The drink is free from the house.
Program: DJ and fireworks at midnight.
Price: 105 euro / person

Menu: Ouzopikilia dish: tzatziki, tirokafteri, pepper salad baked in garlic sauce, eggplant salad, feta saganaki (feta cheese with tomato and peppers in grilled aluminum foil). Chicken salad seasoned with a variety of traditional Greek cheeses. Large wild shrimps in special cognac sauce Metaxa 7 * with rice garnish. Pork tenderloin rolled with vegetables, with tarragon cream sauce and potato garnish. Cake.
Program: DJ Marcus & Live Show surprise. Dance competition with surprise prizes.
Price: 100 euro / person.

Serbian Tavern
Menu: appetizers & ndash peppers with cheese, Serbian zacusca, pork roll, spicy cheese, smoked mussels, smoked beef antricot, smoked pork neck, pie with cheese main courses & ndash sarmale with polenta and hot peppers, grill mix (homemade sausages smoked pork, grilled pork neck, chicken breast, minced beef, seasoned, grilled) with garnishes (peasant potatoes, rice, mixed vegetables, stick), assorted winter salad, pork tenderloin, lamb protap , dessert sauerkraut & ndash original tiramisu or tiramisu with berries. Open bar.
Program: 22.15-23.00 Loredana, 23.15-00.15 Marius Mihalache, 02.10-03.10 Trupa Amaro Del, DJ.
Price: between 480 and 320, depending on the position in the hall.

Menu: traditional holiday appetizers (drum, lebar, caltabosi, mice) plus seasoned caviar, Camembert cheese, main course & ndash breaded pork tenderloin with various garnishes, trout & quotbine raised & quot, grills, sauerkraut in cabbage or beef leaves.
Program: "New Year's Eve made at home by others" The restaurant is organized in lounges, and the guests in each room put their music on their own CDs.
Price: 220 lei

Very expensive restaurants 500-860 RON

Menu: Assorted amuse-bouche appetizers, white chocolate and caviar, marinated salmon & ampridichi & quotair & quot, smoked duck & Galileo Melon ampcaviar, Ahi Tuna Crudo & Mango Wasabi Soya ampsos, scallop shells wrapped in smoked ham, cauliflower puree with micro nutmeg, salmon nutmeg, and greased with teriyaki, risotto with lemon grass flavor, asparagus, lime sherbet with champagne foam & solid martini ampvodka, Argentine beef medallion, espresso sauce infused with whiskey, fresh passion fruit jelly sauce, crushed potatoes with Dijon flavor and assorted vegetables, Midnight Chocolate Extravaganza and the chef's surprise for New Year's Eve. Drinks include a glass of Veuve Clicquot.
Program: Respect band and its guests, in a show that includes evergreens, carols, saxophone music and opera arias. Latin dancers will give a special aroma to the evening.
Price: 700 RON / person

La Boema (Rhin Grand Hotel)
Menu: Welcome cocktail, surprise buses, smoked salmon, quail eggs with black caviar, quail eggs with red caviar, seafood barquetettes, pheasant galantine with pistachio, goose liver pate, Waldorf salad, consomme Profiterol, salmon and sauerkraut duet, mashed potatoes and carrots served with Dutch sauce, Grand Marnier sorbet, wild duck breast with fruit & agrave at Rin Grand Hotelt, beef tornado with poultry liver and Madeira sauce, vegetable bouquet of waffle potatoes, Endive salad, assorted fruits, surprise cake.
Program: contests and raffle with substantial prizes for the biggest prize & ndash a car.
Price: 199 euro / person

The Diplomat
Menu: Marinated tuna carpaccio with lobster salad, celery, apples and basil, artichoke cream soup flavored with parsley and fresh truffles, turkey fillets with puree and vegetable tandoori, exotic fruit sherbet with champagne, beef duet with risotto with beets and asparagus, flavored chocolate cone.
Program: Calin Geambasu Band and Blondy.
Price: 860 lei per person

Roberto & rsquos
Menu: sleep panacotta with carp and pesto, grilled turkey fillets with pears and risotto with honey and grilled asparagus, ravioli stuffed with ricotta and spinach served with spicy tomato sauce, prosecco sorbet, veal medallions with stuffed pumpkin and vegetable salad, hot zabaglione with fresh biscuits.
Program: Blondy and her guests and magic with Josefini, cabaret program.
Price: 725 RON / person

Executive Lounge
Menu: Deer carpaccio with plum sauce and Rocket salad, mushroom stew with veal specialties, sea wolf fillets with tomato, capers and white wine sauce, sweet wine sorbet, beef medallion with potatoes with truffles and vegetable sauce, hot chocolate souffle with vanilla sauce.
Program: fireworks.
Price: 860 RON / person

Locanta Jaristea
Menu: Assur rabbit and dates roll, melted turkey and berries in aspic, Cernaeff puree stuffed with pork muscles, beef salad, goose liver, anchovy paste, smoked salmon, goat cheese in Provence pears, rolls Balasoiu with sweet cow's cheese, shredded smoked cheese with lean ham, smoked duck breast, chicken roll with Agapia basil, smoked trout, olives, drumstick, jumari, caltabosi, mice and leberwursti, baked Bodislav salmon, turkey lying on sauerkraut and stuffed with Arabic spices, unripe battle mussel, veal mussel, duck breast with golden grape sauce. Garnishes: pilaf with Rhodes raisins, fried potatoes and mushrooms.
Salads: endives, asparagus, dumplings, sliced ​​cucumbers, baked eggplant and baked peppers. Dessert: ice cream cake & ndash Presidents, cheese pies, apple pies, almonds, cakes, grape grapes, apples, kiwi, oranges, bananas, fermented cheeses.
Program: Maestro Marius Leau and Ligia Duna, Morning Star Band, Ionita and Viorica & ndash Taraful from Clejani, Panseluta Fieraru and Vali Bocanegra, Cornelia Catanga and Mitica Padureanu, Doru Tufis, dance champions: Nadine and Fernando versus Jeanine and Vasiliev, Varful cu dor .
Price: 850 RON / person

Ballad Room
Gala menu & quot & agrave la Parisienne & quot.
Program: Luminita Anghel, Mihai Morar and the band Slang. Free drinks.
Price: 795 RON / person

Round Room
Menu: Festive gala buffet.
Program: Jojo, Mandinga, Andra and the TZ band. Free drinks.
Price: 685 RON / person

JW MARRIOTT Grand Ballroom
Menu selections: fresh oysters, shrimp, mussels and crabs, crab served with fruit sauce, Rossini-style beef burger, shrimp beef medallions, fried cheese tart with fruit sauce.
Program: Horia Brenciu and HB Orchestra, Miki, Liana Lungu, Hara, DJ. Special guest: Pepy, alias Tina Turner.
Price: 750 lei / person

Constanta Ballroom
Magic Glow The American Way
Hosted by Cove
Menu selections: goose liver terrine served with onion jam, sofas with Sevruga caviar, quiche with Brittany lobster, fresh oysters served with garlic vinaigrette, Aubenas chestnut cake.
Program: Horia Brenciu and HB Orchestra, Bogdan Bradu, Liana Lungu, Hara, DJ. Special guest: Pepy, alias Tina Turner.
Price: 750 lei / person

The Dome
Magic Savors Frnech Mirage
Hosted by Horia Brenciu
Menu selections: goose liver brulee with ginger and crispy palm sugar, sushi and sashimi selection, crispy Peking style duck, salmon tempura with sweet and sour sauce, aniseed-flavored rice pudding served with spicy mango.
Program: Miki, Pure and Simple Live Band, Hara, DJ. Special guest: Pepy, alias Tina Turner.
Price: 750 lei / person

The Kitchen
Magic Toluch Asian Fever
Hosted by Albertina
Menu selections: fresh grilled lobster, lasagna with smoked salmon, rabbit terrine with olives and artichokes, mushroom terrine with truffles and mascarpone, tiramisu with raspberries.
Program: Pure and Simple Live Band, Miki, Bogdan Bradu performing Italian songs, DJ.
Price: 750 lei / person

Champions Magic Rhythms
Hosted by Salsaphoria
Menu selections: shellfish carpaccio Jacques served with mango and honey, paella with seafood and shrimp, beef with herbs and Chimi Churri sauce, fish snaper with spicy coconut and coriander sauce, banana mousse and dark chocolate.
Program: Analia Selis, latino DJ, Salsaphoria dance show cu instructor de salsa.
Pret: 650 lei/ persoana

Casa Doina
Meniu: Charlotte din piept de pui afumat cu ficat de rata, servit cu Chutney de prune foi de orez cu branza Cheddar si ananas rulouri din somon afumat cu clatite de porumb sorbetto de lamaie si menta proaspata muschi de porc cu polenta si reductie de otet de cirese salata iceberg stropita cu lamaie si ulei de masline extravirgin tort Black&White.
Bautura: aperitiv la alegere, vin Chile &ndash Charonnay Conno Sur 2007, sampanie Freixenet Gordon Negro.
Program: Disco&DJ.
Pret: 550 RON/persoana

Restaurant Mazagran
Meniu: Trandafiri de somon afumat cu icre de manciuria, vol-au-vent cu icre negre si caracatita, prosciutto crudo cu pepene galben, rulouri de bresaola cu ruccola si parmezan, terina de pasare in crusta de susan, mousse de peste spada, prepelita umpluta cu ficat de gasca, broccoli sote, salata verde asortata, pulpa de porc cu ananas caramelizat, piure de cartofi cu ginger, mix de branzeturi cu struguri, mere si nuci, tort de vanilie cu capsuni si coacaze rosii. Bautura este la liber.
Programul serii va fi asigurat de un DJ, dar va cuprinde si un moment artistic cu obiceiuri romanesti de iarna si karaoke.
Pret: 540 RON/persoana

La Pechea
Din meniu: muschi Wellington, salau pe pat de legume, icre de Manciuria, pate de gasca.
Program: grupul Cromatic, Marin Petrache Pechea si surprize.
Pret: 150 euro

La Romanasul si Bolivar toate locurile s-au ocupat.
Nu organizeaza revelion (sunt inchise sau gazduiesc petreceri private): Al Casolare, Angel&rsquos, Aquarium, Balthazar, Basilicum, Benihana, Bistro Ateneu, Capsa, Mc Monn&rsquos, Mediteraneo, Mandragora, toate tratoriile din lantul "Il Calcio", Waterloo, Zerrilos, Terasa Doamnei, Casa Vernescu, Casa di David, Chocolat, Esperanto, Golden Blitz, La Belle Epoque.

Briza de Mediterana - Paella traditionala in varianta rapida

De ce sa nu aduci soarele verii in farfuria ta? O Paella traditionala, cu creveti si legume proaspete poate fi savurata la un pranz cu prietenii, are toate ingredientele necesare ca sa iti ofere o masa satioasa si te plimba printr-o lume aromata de pe malul Mediteranei.

Taie carnatul in bucatele mici si prajeste-l in uleiul de masline timp de 5 minute, intr-o tigaie cu capac, pana se rumeneste.

Adauga deasupra orezul, miezul de anghinare tocat buca?i mici, ardeii (copti, curatati si tocati), supa de pui si 200 ml de apa. Lasa-le sa dea in clocot, la foc mediu.

Cand incep sa fiarba, redu focul la intensitate mica, acopera cu un capac si lasa-le sa fiarba inabusit timp de 20 de minute, pana cand cea mai mare parte din supa este absorbita de orez.

Acum poti adauga crevetii proaspeti si mazarea. Acopera din nou si lasa-le sa se inabuse inca 5-10 minute, pana cand crevetii devin rozalii. Pentru mai mult gust poti adauga la inceput, alaturi de carnati 1 ceapa mare tocata marunt si 2 catei de usturoi zdrobiti.

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Mancare cu mazare, cartofi si cabanos

Mi-am propus sa las experimentele momentan si sa incerc si o reteta de-a mamei, ceva clasic, care intotdeauna iese delicioasa, tine mai multe zile si nu e deloc costisitoare. Imi place ca se gateste foarte repede si necesita minimum de atentie atunci cand fierbe.

Daca ai chef de:

* ceva care sa dureze cateva zile

* o reteta super usoara, care necesita minimum de atentie

Ingrediente (10-12 portii):

* 4 cutii mari de mazare (doar Bonduelle!)

* 500 g carnati cabanos Meda

* 4 cartofi medii, taiati in bucati mai mari

* jumatate de cana de bulion

* sare dupa gust (eu nu prea pun multa sare, ca ador gustul dulceag al mazarei)

* apa cat sa acopere mazarea in oala

1. Intr-o oala medie se toarna ulei si se caleste ceapa. Se pune bulionul si se amesteca bine la foc potrivit.

2. Prima oara se pun cartofii ca sa aiba timp sa fiarba, dupa cateva minute se pune mazarea si se amesteca bine. Se completeaza cu apa cat sa se acopere mazarea. Cand cartofii s-au fiert inseamna ca este gata.

3. Intr-o tigaie se pune ulei la incins. Se taie carnatii lungi cat degetul mic si se cresteaza in X la capete. Se pun la prajit bine in tigaie. Se scot din ulei si se pun la sfarsit, in mancarea de mazare (dar dupa ce aceasta a fiert complet).

*3. Se mai poate face si altfel: Se prajesc carnatii separat, fara a se pune in mancare, si se savureaza proaspeti, cu mazarea.

Mancare de mazare cu sos tomat si turmeric (cu sau fara carne)

Mazarea este una dintre legumele noastre preferate, asa ca gatesc des mazare, in multe retete. Am mereu mazare in congelator, cumpar cate 1 punga de 1 kilogram si folosesc de cate ori am nevoie. Recomand din tot sufletul mazarea congelata, pentru ca este mult mai buna decat mazarea la conserva sau borcan. Este congelata la scurt timp dupa recoltare, nu are conservanti, cu siguranta e mai naturala decat conservele. Cand este sezonul de mazare proaspata, cum este acum&hellip. mmm&hellip liber la mazare. & # 128578

Mi s-a cerut de multe reteta de mazare, iar astazi am ajutat un prieten sa gateasca mazarea si am promis ca o scriu. Scriu astazi reteta cu sos tomat, pentru ca eu, ca moldoveanca, prima data la aceasta reteta m-am gandit. Alta data scriu si alte retete cu mazare: cu smantana, cu pancetta si porumb, paste si multe altele.

Retete similare:

Paste cu legume prajite

Paste cu legume prajite, preparate cu lasagnette si diverse legume: vinete, dovlecei, ardei galben, ceapa rosie si rosii, condimentate cu busuioc si patrunjel verde

Paste cu legume

Paste cu legume asortate: cartofi, fasole verde proaspata, usturoi, mazare, condimentate cu menta si ardei rosii iuti

Paste a la matriciana

Paste a la matriciana picante preparate cu rigatoni, bacon, tomate din conserva si ceapa, condimentate cu busuioc, ardei rosu iute si oregaono

Reteta zilei – Ce gatesc azi?

Mancare cu mazare, cartofi si cabanos

Mi-am propus sa las experimentele momentan si sa incerc si o reteta de-a mamei, ceva clasic, care intotdeauna iese delicioasa, tine mai multe zile si nu e deloc costisitoare. Imi place ca se gateste foarte repede si necesita minimum de atentie atunci cand fierbe.

Daca ai chef de:

* ceva care sa dureze cateva zile

* o reteta super usoara, care necesita minimum de atentie

Ingrediente (10-12 portii):

* 4 cutii mari de mazare (doar Bonduelle!)

* 500 g carnati cabanos Meda

* 4 cartofi medii, taiati in bucati mai mari

* jumatate de cana de bulion

* sare dupa gust (eu nu prea pun multa sare, ca ador gustul dulceag al mazarei)

* apa cat sa acopere mazarea in oala

1. Intr-o oala medie se toarna ulei si se caleste ceapa. Se pune bulionul si se amesteca bine la foc potrivit.

2. Prima oara se pun cartofii ca sa aiba timp sa fiarba, dupa cateva minute se pune mazarea si se amesteca bine. Se completeaza cu apa cat sa se acopere mazarea. Cand cartofii s-au fiert inseamna ca este gata.

3. Intr-o tigaie se pune ulei la incins. Se taie carnatii lungi cat degetul mic si se cresteaza in X la capete. Se pun la prajit bine in tigaie. Se scot din ulei si se pun la sfarsit, in mancarea de mazare (dar dupa ce aceasta a fiert complet).

*3. Se mai poate face si altfel: Se prajesc carnatii separat, fara a se pune in mancare, si se savureaza proaspeti, cu mazarea.

Carnati de casa romanesti

Ai muncit mult dar a iesit ceva foarte bun!Felicitari!

- La doar 2-3 zile dupa interventia mea de pe " toate blogurile " ,am sacrificat porcul.Iarna asta am avut unul mai maricel ,peste 200 de kg , dintr-o o rasa pe care o perpetuez de ceva timp ,porc literalmente " bio ", adica crescut traditional , cu porumb , grau , floarea soarelui din culturile mele .
Foarte pe scurt , desi am o voluptate pentru conversatie ,am urmarit reteta ta si mi-au iesit niste carnati de casa excelenti !
- Inca o data , mersi . )

. mersi si eu! Cred ca dintr-o carne de calitate iti e mai mare dragul sa faci preparate de porc gustoase si sanatoase! Deja imi inchipui cum sunt carnatii tai . felicitari! Dupa cum am spus, gustul carnii conteaza cel mai mult si apoi condimentele dozate dupa gustul fiecaruia, nu exista reteta stas care sa multumeasca pe toata lumea! Te mai astept oricand..