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Guzel Pilaf - The Proud Caliph

Guzel Pilaf - The Proud Caliph

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Remember the stories of childhood, the countless nights of Scheherazade, the palaces with minarets and silk-clad walls, colorful mosaic floors and soft carpets, sofas full of fluffy pillows and gold-plated blankets ... and all this ... it was great need a Caliph ... Caliph Florian!

  • 250 grams of pilaf rice
  • 1 onion
  • 1 bell pepper
  • 100 grams of butter
  • salt
  • 1 glass of dried dates
  • 1 glass of prunes
  • 1 glass of dried figs
  • 500 grams muslitos (so-called crab legs)

Servings: 6

Preparation time: less than 90 minutes

RECIPE PREPARATION Guzel Pilaf - The Proud Caliph:

... I was lying, lazing, puffing a hookah with the scent of flowering strawberry and red coals smelling of myrrh ... all around, voluptuous chains with their faces subtly covered in translucent silk, waving long bamboo sticks with ostrich feathers and peacock, to drive away the heat around My Glory! I am silently singing a few minstrels with heavy yellows from the west of the empire, a soft, sweet and sleepy song ...
But I feel like I feel like living ... I like dancing and goodies ... I clap my hands lightly and from the kitchens the famous chefs of the whole Orient look full of humility. - What do you want Your Enlightenment?! ..., ... what do I want ... hmmmm ... well I want to enjoy today what no one has ever enjoyed! I want you to amaze me, I want you to delight me and I want something unforgettable!
The chefs compete at once to bring my appetite to my lips ... they tickle me with fine sugars, aromatic teas, sweet and syrupy cataifes, eggplants and baked oats ... but I know them all ... I know them and I've seen them before. I snort, I get sad and the cooks tremble with fear of too much helplessness ...
I myself struggled to get up and lazily dragged my red silk imines to the kitchens. Fearful but also curious, all the famous chefs gather around me and look at the wonder! The Caliph of the whole world himself wants to cook today ... I carefully choose a handful of the best rice, two or three thick slices of velvety butter, a golden onion and a red pepper like my silks, and then some fruit. candied fruits brought from far corners of the empire ... plums, figs and honey-sweet dates. My thought is to make pilaf ... and not anyway but accompanied by fine crab meat from the Marmara Sea ...
Lightly fry the onion and pepper in the hot butter, then stir for a few moments and the fruit together with the rice, give them a pinch of salt and then plenty of water to boil slowly, covered, in the preheated oven.
As the pilaf wraps, I fry the crab legs, which are as sweet and fragrant as a noble fish specially caught for the lusts of My Enlightenment.
When everything is ready, I place them nicely on the flower-plates, I arrange them to please the eye and I pass them on the nose of the great master cooks ...: - Aferim Prealuminate ... you are the greatest cook of Our World!

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