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ZChocolat Makes the Be All and End All of Luxury Holiday Gift Boxes

ZChocolat Makes the Be All and End All of Luxury Holiday Gift Boxes

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Who doesn't like chocolate? And, if you know of some people, you definitely should never trust them. For the normal folks in your life, consider giving them a decadent collection from zChocolat — or buy them for yourself. Their Holiday Diamond offering is currently available for pre-order (they'll be in stock on November 15) and is comprised of a rich-toned mahogany box full of three different 15-piece assortments. The boxes are handcrafted in the Jura region of France and has a golden inlaid crystalline snowflake on the lid. The chocolates are arranged in three layers: the traditional assortment with pralines, ganaches and caramels; the exotic assortment with pistachio, Sri Lanken coconut, Sichuan pepper, cinnamon, Chinese ginger, coriander and violet; and a special praline collection with Piedmont hazelnuts, French walnuts and Dutch sesame seeds. They even throw in a mix of four white, two milk and three dark zChocolates. If you don't like what comes stocked in the box, you are free to customize it however you like. You can also add a message on the box and include a photo inside. I'll take five boxes, please.

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